24 Aralık 2011 Cumartesi

The Laure of France in Armenia

Denial of the Armenian claims of the so-called sanctions to be applied until the last days in France after the adoption of the parliament, the hatred against the Turks in France has increased slightly.All agree that the world of the Armenian vote for Sarkozy, in order to ensure that a district can not go beyond a oyundur.Aciz acizlikten a view of France in Armenia continue to be a game this kandırmacaların ededursun; Armenia effort in whatever area it is impossible to hear that.Turkey is a rapidly changing and developing rapidly in Europe are not effective at all hazmedememesi this kind of work to shake the small dalaverelerle davranışlardır.Günümüz Turkey in Europe is now making moves in the pocket of geldi.Euro the fact that the intensive care unit in the whole world to see clearly now the EU 'there is nothing for the future of the EU even in the case of a locomotive şahitler.Böyle France play a playful eyebrow, eye and still continue to do something, Berry Porn patronage of Armenia.Turkey-Armenia triangle of Turkey-France-resistant economy, the demographic structure of a solid and stable future of the seat, so to speak to these two curses States Code.Is the so-called no evidence of the events of 1915 so far is still indicated in the non-matching documents, in a time close to the Algerian massacre, Rwanda soykrımı, and many hundreds of thousands of atrocities done by the events in France of the document, even though hundreds of thousands of eye-witnesses, the French love of the world states of Armenia parliament of France to confront its own history of politics to an unprecedented kaynağıdır.Keşke ridiculous, and the persecution of the world an example of a verse account and blood drive to the other atrocities that are common to other States, which aims to make politics in the media hazırlasaydı, yes, now of liberty, independence, freedom to live comfortably could cite ...If we look at the glorious Ottoman history, seek help from France, Ottoman, Ottoman refuge değiliz.Türk hardly forgotten history-the history of France is incomparable to any time ibaretken, the whole world with love, peace, tolerance dominates, never had feelings of interest in the Ottoman da.Bu That's why the other states, the colonial era and the present policies of the Ottoman civilization uydurmamış foot still bearing the traces of the Ottoman rulers of the spirits of the land could have read the Fatiha ...Denying all of them, know the history of violence opportunity periods are still hoping that something be brought only in the French language today çaresizliğidir.Şunu Let's not forget that this is the decision taken is of no use to the people of Armenia will continue to count in olmayacaktır.Ermenistan; Turkey will dominate the entire world the power of the re- will have a ...

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